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About Us

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Come experience why we’ve successfully been in business for 22+ years! Our story starts with doing things the right way and ends with happy customers.

Large Industrial Projects

We’ve been working for many years with many employees on many different teams tackling many different large industrial projects. From automobile manufacturing plants, bottling plants, large warehouses, and everything in between. Let our experience industrial group make the difference on your next project.

Commercial Projects

No matter what type of work you need done on your next commercial project, HVAC, plumbing, or excavation, we have seasoned teams that are ready to go on your project.

Residential Projects

Residential work is a much different type of work than your typical industrial or commercial job, and we understand this. We know this is where you live, which is why we have a dedicated teams for every line of work to handle residential projects. We’ll approach your home and property with care it deserves and make sure we do our best to clean up our mess before we go. Let us help you with your next home project today.


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About Us

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Andy Morbitzer

Founder & CEO


Zach Gray

Special Projects Manager


Taylor Morbitzer

Office Manager & Scheduling


Kathy Greenlee

Office Manager & Accounting


Kellee Copeland

Office Manager & Human Resources


Alex Moore

Commercial Plumbing Manager


Jon Morbitzer

Plumbing Service Manager


Nate Taulbee

Utilities/HydroVac Manager


Nate Whitt

HVAC Manager


Donnie Kelly



Kerry Freed

HVAC Assistant

About Us

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Our Story

Our journey started in 2001 with Andy Morbitzer leaving his previous mechanical contracting company, with nearly 14 years of experience, to go start his own company. The business started very small, for the first few years the company was ran in out of Andy’s home shop, with limited resources, limited contacts to get new work, and only one other employee to help take the jobs he did get. The work continued to be steady for 2 or sometimes 3 people over the following few years as the company continued to operate small low-budget job parameters. During this time they built up the necessary funding and trust in the contracting community, establishing a name for themselves that would hopefully propel them forward in the years to come.

Eventually after those first few years, the hard work, satisfied customers, and word getting around started to really pay dividends for the company. This led to much larger jobs with much larger clients, and more work on a regular basis from repeat customers. The increasing number of jobs and size of the jobs themselves created a need for the first big expansion. Thus in 2004 Andy built a brand-new 3200 square foot building with offices and warehouse space to be the new headquarters for Capital City Mechanical. Having grown to having nearly 10 full-time employees working daily on projects, work continued continued to look up for the company. New relationships were being forged especially with large companies such as Coca-Cola, Honda, City of Grove City, Scotts Lawn, and the Columbus Zoo just to name a few.

In the late 2000s as the economy started to retract Capital City kept on chugging away at maintaining their relationships and building up a new base of clients in the wake of many companies closing their doors. While Capital City Mechanical had it’s fair share of issues during this time period, it eventually emerged bigger and better off than ever. Thus again in 2009 while many people were downsizing Capital City was growing. With the new expansion of employees, more equipment, in-house material, and vehicles, the company once again quickly needed to expand to a larger building. Luckily a large warehouse vacancy on the other side of town opened up and as 2009 came to a close, the company successfully migrated all of its operations to the new building. With more space this allowed the company to expand operations to more than just mechanical contracting, the first new operation being a plumbing service department. The service department would cater to residential plumbing needs, need more of a graceful touch than the types of work done in the commercial settings, and require employees to fit those skill sets. After a few years and finally achieving success in plumbing service, the company set their sights on other related areas of business to venture into.

After constantly needing to call in external HVAC companies to assist in projects for many years, the next natural thing the company did for its next expansion was buy an existing HVAC company to start and lead the new HVAC division at Capital City Mechanical. This new division just like the residential plumbing proved to be a challenge for the plumbing minded team, but after a few years started to find success in both the residential and commercial areas of the trade. Next the company noticed how often it was getting external utility companies to help with jobs, so they repeated the same strategy as HVAC by starting a Utility division. In 2017 the company acquired two large hydro trucks to start their utilities division. For the first few years this business was great to have internally to help with jobs but external work was slow. Eventually like so many other expansions at Capital City, the division finally found success with external work, and regular external work boomed. As of this writing in 2023 the company now operates 6 HydroVac trucks and one locating robot unit on a daily basis with room for expansion.

The company has worked hard from the top-down and the bottom-up to get where it is today. Along the way over the last 22 years the company has been through smooth and rough times, just like so many other businesses in their industry. They appreciate all of the now 70+ employees in both the office and the field who work hard day after day to make this business function. They appreciate the customers over the years who made this place a success by allowing them onto their jobsites or into their homes to do work to the best of their ability. Capital City Mechanical has a great history and their hope is to continue to make more satisfied customers apart of it for years to come!